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Welcome to our POV Storage website where accurate and convenient Information, Documentation & Maintenance records are easily accessed. This website has been designed for both Military & Commercial storage.
Depending on your login rights, access to Storage data by Army Contracting Agencies(ACA), Department of Logistics(DOL), Contracting Officer's Representative(COR), Individual Service Members and Commercial Customers is quick, specific to POV, Contract(s), VPC or Storage Site and both relevant and precise.
Upon logging into the website there will be options to view Maintenance Records, Pick Up / Claim information, a contact capability to the Storage site where your POV is being maintained and/or update Service Member Information to keep your contact information current. Please log on now to access your POV details or to contact us.

Our Pledge

We affirm our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of excellence, reliability and accountability throughout the entire POV Storage process.
Our management and staff are thoroughly trained to properly maintain each POV. We will work diligently, knowing the complexity of modern automobiles, to provide the very best POV Storage conditions and Maintenance to assure that your vehicle is in the very best possible condition upon your return and POV Pick Up.

We provide professional services