Greetings to all our POV Storage Soldiers,

We are pleased to announce the addition of Skype – an “internet voice alternative" on our website. When an e-mail may not be sufficient, you can contact us at no cost by clicking on the voice alterative “Skype Ready Icon” on our login page. This is an excellent free communication option, as long as you contact us through Pasha’s POV Storage Website as a "Voice-over-Internet" service. While Skype is free within the USA, when used internationally to contact us without using the icon on our website there generally is a cost to the user. Skype has been added to our website for your convenience. We understand being able to phone us while you are away may sometimes be more convenient (check the time zone differences). If you do not already have Skype, click on the following link and follow the download procedures.

Once you have installed Skype, use the phone links to contact us at a specific storage site.

 Hawaii – (808)-520-2650 Free
 Hampton, VA – (757) 788-8255 Free

We sincerely appreciate your service to our country and strive to provide excellent maintenance for your POV during deployment. Thank you for all your personal sacrifices protecting our freedoms
We proudly support our Troops!

   Click here for any basic sound setting issues
   or Other issues